At Vitacare Pharmacies, your good health is our priority. Because you deserve the best in service and care.

When you visit us, you get our winning formula:

  • a healthy dose of caring
  • sound advice
  • excellent support
  • and great service


Because healthcare shouldn’t be a bitter pill to swallow!



Our stores are all independent, community pharmacies. Each one has a unique spirit and personality. They are the people who manage and work in them, and that makes all the difference.


There are however core ideas driving the development of Vitacare’s brand. Being a part of the group means caring about…



Maintaining small pharmacy service levels and provide big pharmacy pricing

Raising the level of service expectations in our communities

Helping improve people mental, physical & emotional health

Providing & promote quality care to every person, regardless or situation or background


Vitacare Pharmacies – Committed to Serve