With the demand for pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and services increasing, Vitacare formed their procurement division in 2003 to meet both public and corporate sector needs.

Vitacare Medical Group utilises their existing infrastructure, as well as their vast retail experience and supplier network to offer you the best prices for products and services.

Our agents source, procure and deliver around the Western Cape at the best possible price to give you the advantage.

Our current projects include orthopeadic aids, supplying to W.C. hospitals; joint co-operation on Wellness events with the Department of Health; provision of medication and first aid supplies to tour operators and shipping lines; as well as a growing network organisation to provide EAPs to companies across S.A.

We welcome queries to our head office at: 021 685-3030 as well as e-mail requests to the address listed below. Our responses will be initiated by Sumaya Bassier.